Reps. Sylvia Garcia and Al Green Tout Victories in Oversight of USPS in Houston

October 29, 2020
Press Release
Media Contact: Robert Julien (DC): Email:; Cell: 202-227-0330

HOUSTON, TXCongresswoman Sylvia Garcia (TX-29) and Congressman Al Green (TX-09) have been conducting critical oversight of the North Houston Distribution and Processing Center, the largest such facility in the country. They have worked to address community concerns about delays in the mail. Many Americans feared mail delays would affect the processing of mail-in ballots in this election, as well as the delivery of prescription drugs, merchandise, and Social Security checks.

Throughout this process, the Members advocated to ensure that any blue mailboxes that had been removed from the Houston region were put back in place and that older sorting machines that had been removed were in fact replaced with a new universal sorting machine that could handle the influx of mail-in ballots during the general election. They also coordinated with the League of Women Voters to ensure that post offices in the Houston region made non-partisan, voter registration cards readily available to customers ahead of the voter registration deadline earlier in October.

“The United States Postal Service is a pivotal part of our democracy. This is why Congressman Green and I have worked closely together to address the concerns of our constituents. We got some big wins for our community to ensure voters can feel certain their vote would count if they vote by mail” said Congresswoman Garcia. “We also worked with the North Houston Distribution and Processing Center to demand transparency and secure the best possible service for the many seniors, veterans, and working families who rely on the post office for prescription drugs, unemployment benefits, or Social Security checks. We will continue to monitor this situation and will take additional steps as needed on behalf of our community.”

Congressman Green added, “I am proud to have worked in tandem with Congresswoman Garcia to attain this victory for our constituents, who expect a certain level of dependability from the Postal Service. While we addressed complaints of mail delays with urgency largely due to an influx of mail-in ballots, our congressional oversight was of equal importance for patients receiving medications by mail, businesses who engage in commerce by mail, and families who send packages to military servicemembers by mail. The ultimate victory will be in having the mail delivered expeditiously not only for the duration of this election and thereafter.”

Congresswoman Garcia and Congressman Green will continue monitoring this situation on behalf of their constituents. Should there be any additional concerns about delays in service from the USPS, the Members are ready to help. Congresswoman Garcia’s office can be reached at 832-325-3150. Congressman Green’s office can be reached at 713-383-9234. The Members will be available to talk with members of the press if there is interest in following up on this important story.


Congresswoman Sylvia R. Garcia was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in November 2018, becoming the first Latina ever to represent the Texas 29th Congressional District. She serves on the House Judiciary and Financial Services Committees.