Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia Issues Statement on Start of Hurricane Season, Introduces Bill to Require President to Produce Plan for Combatting Climate Change Responsible for Intensifying Storms

May 31, 2020
Press Release
Media Contact: Robert Julien (DC): Email:; Cell: 202-227-0330

HOUSTON, TX – Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia (TX-29) issued the following statement to mark the first day of the Atlantic hurricane season and the introduction of the Climate Change and Hurricane Correlation and Strategy Act. This bill requires the Administration to produce a report to Congress every 5 years on how the United States plans to combat the increasing hurricane activity due to climate change. These reports will lay out a strategic plan on how the nation can address the causes of climate change and weather intensification. The legislation also prohibits the use of nuclear weapons for weather modification. The bill texted is attached to this press release.

“Today is the start of hurricane season,” said Congresswoman Garcia. “Houston has weathered many storms before, which is why I urge everyone to start getting prepared early for this year’s hurricane season that has already produced two named storms. Families all across the region need to be ready in the event of another strong storm like Harvey or Imelda.”

“To mark the start of hurricane season, I introduced the Climate Change and Hurricane Correlation and Strategy Act.  We know that climate change isn’t just warming the Earth, but also changing weather patterns around the globe. While we must prepare for worse hurricanes in the future, we also need to be planning on how to reduce greenhouse gases that drive climate change and ultimately greater storm intensity,” continued Congresswoman Garcia.

“My bill also makes sure nuclear weapons can’t be used against hurricanes. Normally I wouldn’t think we’d need to legislate something so obvious, but given remarks this President made in August 2019, apparently, we do. Such use would result in radioactive fallout and cause significant public health and environmental harm,” concluded Congresswoman Garcia.

Congresswoman Sylvia R. Garcia was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in November 2018, becoming the first Latina ever to represent the Texas 29th Congressional District. She serves on the House Judiciary and Financial Services Committees.