U.S. Rep. Sylvia Garcia: 'We must work to protect all the postal service workers, letter carriers'

August 18, 2020
In The News

HOUSTON — Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia hosted a today along with other local labor leaders on crisis involving the United States Postal Service.

Garcia and USPS labor leaders were joined by some of their constituents who will share their stories on how the crisis of receiving mail on time has impacted their lives.

“Families in the Houston region and across the country rely on the United States Postal Service to receive life-saving prescription drugs and run their small businesses,” Garcia said in a press release. “This is why we must fund the postal service and work to protect all the postal service workers and letter carriers who are putting their lives on the line every day during this pandemic. Any attack on the postal service is an attack against our economy and democracy. And unfortunately, this is exactly what (President) Trump is doing. He is trying to corrupt the integrity of our democracy and our elections for personal gain. He must be held accountable because he continues to be a clear danger to the future of our constitution and democracy.”

Garcia was joined by Al Davison, president of APWU Local 185, Rickey Dueboay, vice-president of NALC Local 283, Pat Claiborne, Financial Secretary of NALC Local 28, and Linda Morales, with the Texas Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation.